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Lie bet gambling questionnaire

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Lie bet gambling questionnaire characteristics of a gambling addiction

Number of games played? Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Psychological Reports, 72, —

Subjects were men, classified as pathological gamblers and as nonproblem-gambling controls. The two items were significant in sensitivity and negative predictive value and significant in specificity and positive predictive value. Amount yambling money spent? JohnsonRobert HamerRena M. The Lie-Bet questionnaire has been validated as a discriminating tool for pathological gambling behavior. For more details click here. You may have a gambling addiction.

This study follows up one in which was derived a two-item screening questionnaire for pathological gambling. In the previous study, the. Abstract. A 2-item questionnaire was derived from 10 DSM-IV criteria for pathological gambling. Subjects were men, classified as pathological gamblers. The Lie-Bet tool (Johnson et al., ) has been deemed valid and reliable for The lie/bet questionnaire for screening pathological gamblers. Psychological.


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